KS Service is the Employment Agency
Counseling and Personnel

About us

KS Service is a Poland based employment and human-resources consulting agency. We offer our clients professional solutions in respect of employees posting, recruitment, selection and temporary work. We fill orders for the Polish and foreign clients. We emphasize the choice of appropriate staff according to the clients preferences. Our company puts competence and full service of the client on the first place.


Hiring of external personnel is more and more common solution in many European countries. This convenient and economical form of gaining workers was created as an answer to the phenomenon of seasonality which is present in every sector of economy. Temporary worker is employed by the agency, which means that all administrative issues, concerning the employees, are taken over by the agency. Growing number of companies solve their problems connected with demand volatility for staff and reduction of work costs thanks to temporary workers. Hiring temporary employees enables precise matching of workers' number to the actual demand for the personnel in the company. The client decides how many workers is needed and we provide them. Temporary workers are not subjected to the company's remuneration system. The client is not burdened with the costs of holiday leave, sick leave and ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) contributions.

Rules of cooperation

  • Companies interested in cooperation with the Agency are asked for a phone call or sending a questionnaire
  • The Agency contacts with the company after receiving a questionnaire
  • During the meeting the details of cooperation are agreed
  • The Agency and the Client sign a cooperation agreement
  • The Agency carries out selection and recruitment of personnel, sustains the state of employment at the definite level
  • We start the provision of a given service
  • Employees start to work in a place and time specified by the client
  • Persons performing activities required by the Clients are employed by the Agency
  • The Agency is responsible for issuing contracts and bills, payment, accounting, paying all advances connected with taxes and contributions to social insurance, keeping of employment records in accordance with the valid regulations
  • Throughout the whole term of agreement the client receives VAT invoice, the sum of money on the invoice depends on the actual hours worked and on hourly wage established earlier


  • KS Service sp. z o.o.
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  • Polska
  • Tel./fax: +48 452 84 03
  • info@ksservice.pl